Monday, March 14, 2016

Overview - Over Run Over

The Emergency Unit (EU) is the police force's vanguard. Whenever there is an emergency, the EU's mission is to rush to the scene and avert the crisis. New EU sergeant Tracy Chu understands that there is no margin for error and urges her team to race against time to prevent any delay or mistake. One time, while on patrol, Tracy and her team become involved in a shootout. Tracy is obstructed by the village chief Vincent Wong. Not only does the suspect escape, but Tracy also witnesses her father being killed by a stray bullet. Suddenly, a strange phenomenon occurs, permitting Tracy to travel back in time from April 3 to April 1. She reverses time to save her father, which evokes a huge chain reaction. Vincent accidentally discovers Tracy's secret and works with her to investigate corrupt cops. The two enemies become friends, but Vincent is actually hiding his true identity. Tracy and everyone around her, including her colleague and boyfriend Benjamin Yuen, the cold EU car driver Pal Sinn and reporter Zoie Tam, are all pulled by this natural force and encounter a series of unexpected incidents...

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