Thursday, October 22, 2015

Overview - Lord of Shanghai

A young, red-blooded Kenneth Ma arrives on the bustling Shanghai scene alone. He soon becomes sworn brothers with small-time gangster Wayne Lai. Together, they build an empire using their fists. Kenneth’s intelligence and resourcefulness quickly earns the admiration of top triad leader Kent Tong. Kent gives Kenneth the task of seizing the opium business that he has long coveted. Relying on Wayne’s military strength, Kenneth is able to complete the mission.

Time passes quickly and a new government has taken office. The scope of the joint business between Anthony Wong (older version of Kenneth), Wayne and Kent has expanded continuously. The three of them have become Shanghai’s most powerful tycoons, but they are still feuding over the title of “#1 Tycoon”. Although Anthony’s career is thriving, he cannot win the love of famous Peking opera performer Myolie Wu. He settles for another fadan Louisa So, whom he eventually marries.

Meanwhile, dangers are lurking within the seemingly peaceful Shanghai as the Japanese plot their invasion of China. Union leader Pierre Ngo’s fight for the people deeply touches Anthony. Following the July 7 Incident, Anthony contributes his efforts and money to help his country. The present situation causes Anthony and Wayne to drift apart. Their brotherhood breaks down completely when Wayne decides to betray his country. After the war and the liberation of Shangahi, Anthony has risen from a nameless nobody to a legendary lord of Shanghai. However, he is betrayed by his closest disciple Ron Ng, who accuses him of being a traitor. Anthony is forced to leave everything behind and escape to Hong Kong, retreating to a plain life…


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