Saturday, April 11, 2015

Magic Revealed!

In episode 7 of Street Sorcerers 3, magician Louis Yan performed a magic trick in which he appeared to "refill" an empty bowl of cup noodles.

Warning: High-pitched noises ahead! (courtesy of Jinny Ng)

Recently, a netizen exposed how the trick was performed. While Louis was holding the empty cup up for a close camera shot, he held his other hand back and a staff member quickly placed another cup into his hand. Louis then slotted that cup into the empty cup to make it look like he had "refilled" the cup.

Credits to Youtube user HK Funny Video


  1. LOL that's hilarious. they ought to be more careful about people seeing the secret!
    can't believe it's something as lame as someone handing him another cup =P

    1. I know right? They should have covered up the window. It's funny how the guy in the blue jacket saw everything xD

  2. Louis Yan is an entertainer who performs magic by creating the illusion of impossible or supernatural feats; also known as a stage magician or illusionist.

    You are supposed to see if your eyes are fast or if he is faster in performing his tricks.

    Again, Louis is a MAGICIAN. Not a wizard, like Harry Potter.

    1. You're right that he's just creating an illusion, but this particular trick was done more by camera angles than his "fast" movements. Plus he didn't even put much effort to protect the secret, like covering up the window so people couldn't see in.