Sunday, February 08, 2015

Mary Hon's Abandoned Children

Besides Jessica Hsuan being named as the "Hostage Queen" by netizens, Mary Hon has also picked a title - "Most Heartless Mother" for abandoning her children in numerous TVB dramas.

2003 - Triumph in the Skies - Francis Ng
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2003 - Vigilante Force - Joe Ma

2008 - Speech of Silence - Kate Tsui

2010 - Twilight Investigation - Linda Chung

2011 - Relic of an Emissary - Joe Ma

2012 - The Hippocratic Crush - Tavia Yeung

2012 - Missing You - Jason Chan

2012 - Friendly Fire - Sammy Leung

2013 - Always and Ever - Esther Kwan

2014 - Madam Cutie on Duty - Edwin Siu



  1. Elaine Yiu could be hot on her heels but it looks like she's getting better roles now and breaking away from abandoning children and husbands.

    1. Elaine might add one more to her list in Raising the Bar.

    2. Ooh I haven't started watching Raising the Bar yet. So TVB won't let Elaine escape from this unfortunate typecast. She'll end up being the world's best mother and wife in real life I reckon.