Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friendly Fire Trainees


Samantha Ko was a Miss HK contestant in 2008. She has mostly hosted food & living variety shows, while having a few guest appearances in dramas. Recently, she is spending more time in the drama department with heavier supporting roles. Of the trainees in Friendly Fire, she's the one that gets time to shine with a much talked about rape scene.

Oscar Leung is on the rise after many years of being a kelefe. He used to play useless little brother roles or the younger version of actors. He had a breakout year in 2012 with memorable roles in L’Escargot, Tiger Cubs and The Confidant, allowing him to capture the Most Improved Award. He is also making a strong move into the movie industry after being cast in Young and Dangerous: Reloaded.

Bella Lam (on left, with glasses) actually entered the industry as a child star at age 11 in ATV’s Light of Million Hopes. Since joining TVB, she has participated in some large productions such as Lives of Omission (as a CIB trainee) and Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles (as Rebecca Zhu’s younger sister), giving the audience opportunities to recognize her.

Cindy Lee (on right) was formerly golf and tennis champion, even representing Hong Kong in competitions. She joined TVB after participating in the Miss HK Pageant 2005 and was given hosting gigs for sporting-related shows.

James Ng was a contestant of The Voice 2, which he finished fifth in. He is pursuing a music career in hopes of becoming a singer and songwriter. He is one of the hosts of the music programme 360°. Meanwhile, he has also expanded into acting with some small roles in dramas, such as Kenneth Ma’s nerdy brother in Three Kingdoms RPG.

Joey Law was the winner of the youth category in Mr. HK 2008. He is a talented dancer and fittingly, his first television role was of a shy dancer in Steps (watch his scene here). He had numerous walk-on roles until recently, where he was cast as a regular member in the sitcom Come Home Love.

The trainees sing "Be True" (originally sung by Joey Yung):

Source: Official TVB YouTube Channel

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